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How To Become An Instructor

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1. Fill the application form to apply to become an Instructor.

2. Wait for your application to be approved which usually take up to 7 days.

3. Prepare and design your course outlines content. Course content are usually text, videos and slides.

4. Start earning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. You are allowed to teach on any course as long as long as you are experienced and have a marketable skill in that course. However, it has to be any of our listed courses. If you would like to introduce a new course, kindly send us a mail at
Upon the submission of your teaching interest, EmpowerTech Hub would review your submission and if meets our requirements, it will be approved within a week of submission. However, in the case of a new course introduction, it would take two to three weeks upon submission.
Yes there are requirements. Instructors would be thoroughly assessed and tested based on marketable skills, good communication skill, interpersonal skill and past project deliveries. Furthermore, instructors would be required to prepare their course modules before the commencement of the course.
Course content should be sent to Upon submission, our technical crew would upload it to the site.
Payment is made through an online transfer to the account number the instructor submitted during registration. An instructor gets forty five percent (45%) from the total sales of every course.
No, you are not paying to become an instructor.
We encouraged both. However, instructors should fulfill up to 50% live coaching engagement.
Yes. Instructors should ask the class representative to take attendance of the students that come to class. Assignments however, are given occasionally. Project is giving at the end of both the fresher and the advanced levels.

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    Teach Remotely, Teach Online. 100% Free Membership with Support.